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TRS are on a roll!

TRS has arrived, and has hit full force with the new TRS models. TRS ONE and TRS Raga Racing.

TRS is the creation of multi World Champion Jordi Tarres. Announced at the end of 2013, it is now available in 300cc, 250cc and 125cc capacities.

During the development, engineers at TRS, were supported by expert and professional riders who contributed to its evolution, ensuring the highest quality , lowest weight and unsurpassed reliability.

This was proven in an outstanding debut. First time out winning the World X-Trial Championship at Sheffield UK, ridden by Adam Raga. Since that amazing start TRS have racked up many wins in Indoor and Outdoor competitions around the globe.

Now Factory pilot Adam Raga and many others have shown the brand is a reliable, performance bike, easy to ride and maintain at any level.

Strong results in Australian Trials are backing up the TRS global reputation.

The Hell Team are sole Australian Importers of TRS Motorcycles and parts, and our state TRS Dealers offer local support across Australia. 

Jordi Tarrés STATEMENTS: TRS was born thanks to our passion for Trial and experience accumulated over more than 30 years in trial. Before a project of this size we could not work more thoroughly from conception, design and manufacture, using the most advanced techniques to achieve this result. 

Our goal is to get a very compact and lightweight bike without losing reliability and robustness needed to face all kinds of obstacles.

On the one hand it has taken into account the geometry and suspension be offered a "feeling" out of the ordinary; one of its most attractive point is the ease of adaptation pilot regardless of their level of performance.

Its 65 kg offer a real feeling of lightness without ever losing stability and poise necessary to meet your goals.Its powerful engine has been designed and conceived especially for the practice of trial, taking into account each and every one of his pieces to ensure maximum performance.

Inside hides a multitude of technical improvements that make it unique in this sector.

Throughout the development and testing phase we have submitted the TRS 100% to ensure that its launch is a totally positive experience.

TRS has exceeded the new standards in terms of technology and style, proving to have a performance unbelievable, extraordinary style and exceptional behavior. 

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