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Great Second Hand Trials Bikes - Coming December 2017!

Every year we travel to Spain to visit supplier and manufacturers, check out some international competition, and catch up with trial friends we have made over the years.

As the majority of the Trial industry is centred around Barcelona and Girona it's easy to cover a lot of ground in a short time, and apart from new bike and accessory business we use our time wisely scouring all our trial contacts for great second hand bikes.

Spain has a massive Trials community, and over the years we have made some very good friends who keep an eye out for good bikes for us.

There are many older bikes that have had very little or light use, as there is a big contingent of riders who just use the bikes for weekend "Randonne" -  light trail riding in the mountains.

Most of these bikes can be easily identified by them still having the headlights, tail lights etc. They never get stripped down for competition.

This year we have a great cross section of moderns from Beta, Gas Gas, Montesa, Jotagas, Scorpa and Sherco. The container is currently on the water, and heading down under. 

All bikes will be fully workshop checked, and any parts or areas requiring service will be done before they are released for sale. We stand by our second hand bikes 100%.

NOTE: Prices are yet to be set for bikes in this category. $0.01 is for display purposes only.

Prices will be set after consignment lands (and we factor in shipping), and bikes are workshop checked. (bikes in this container will be approx between $2000 - $6500)

The container arrives 05th December, so factoring in a few days for customs clearance we should see the container shortly after that.

We are taking pre orders on all models.


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