Arthur Coutard's "Minotaur" video project

Author: Paul Arnott  Date Posted:14 May 2014 


Arthur Coutard gave us news and expressed the birth of his new and creative "Minotaur" video project. call Arthur: "Although long since I've no news .... It is time to repair this affront! As you know, I officially attacked my conversion in precision flying in 2012 (note: it now carries out actions and stunts bike for the production of advertising campaigns and film shoots), in parallel with a new freestyle season. Unfortunately, a gust of wind on a demo drove me beyond reception (located at 21 m as FMX) which had resulted in no fewer than 12 fractures on my arms and wrists, and broken in two motorcycle ...! A sign of destiny? I believed, and after analyzing my luck to have lived the motorcycle during the past 8 years, jumping distances FMX with a trial while being protected by the gods to each crash, I felt that it was wise to finally move on ... Since then, everything is better, my business grows, I worked for several brands, and continues to live my passion for motorcycles ... You can also find my on my news pro facebook page or on my website course, I can not stop the trial bike so far, and continues to speak as soon as possible trial, supercross, freestyle and freeride, with the help of BETA Motor. Also, I continue my work as personal motorcycle project with Pierre BAELEN who also works in the media environment motorcycle. Indeed, since 2010, you could see photo series OSSA, the World Record long jump, vintage serie "GREEVES" .... In 2013, Pierre recently joined CLEOPROD, has decided to raise the tone, from a creative point of view , throwing us in the adventure of an artistic short film, showcasing the picture so much, it makes up for the lack of technical control ... This new use of trial bike through effects lights, script and special effects, proves once again its adaptability and versatility, and even elegance ... I take this statement to thank my partners BETA Motor, Motorcycle Dherbey, Kali Protectives, RXR Cl├ęprod Pierre Baelen photography, and all the people who supported me this year, and contributed to this great project ... "


Minotaure from video4all on Vimeo.