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OSET is the World Leader in the design and manufacture of kid's electric motorcycles.

The range of OSET bikes is ever expanding, with bikes catering for riders from 2-12 years and beyond!

OSETs are proven in competitions, taking multiple National level victories against petrol powered machines.

OSETs are now recognised globally as the best learner bikes for children. Remember - OSETs are electric and SILENT, so the riders can learn in the back yard after school every day! 

 We believe these offer not only a great learning tool for kids, but really the future of Trials - opening up more places to ride, and more opportunities for a greener future and new horizons for Trials in general.

We have bikes that start for kids as young as two to three years old, and cover a full spectrum of choices right up to full size competition bikes that hold their own under the toughest of conditions. A fantastic alternative if you have close neighbours or are worried about noise.

All these bikes can be fitted with an optional seats (which we keep in stock), but we encourage kids to learn standing up to improve balance and control.

There are now 10 models available from OSET.  These start with the 12.5 model, aimed at children two to four years old and progress through to the 24.0R, which is a fun bike, aimed at teenagers, adults and all play riders – offering maximum entertainment value.

Ian Smith, founder and CEO of OSET Bikes, said: “The Eco version of each model is designed to be an entry level bike while the racing versions are always a significantly higher spec bike, and that remains the same for 2018.”

Safety is paramount across the whole range with features that include magnetic kill switches, new waterproofing, chain guards, custom foot pegs and grips for little hands and feet and the ability to adjust power, speed and response to suit children’s ability

NEW: Now optional seats available for all sizes (please check out the link HERE). Though we do encourage parents to teach there kid's without - promoting better balance and a stronger skill set for future development.

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