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The Hell Team

The Hell Team are based in Sydney, Australia.

The founder Paul Arnott (me) was involved for many years in the Australian Film Industry in the props, and Special Effects areas. (hence the name, it is a hand me down from the days of blowing things up for films)!

I had my first taste of trials when just turning 12 on my uncles Montesa Cota 123, and was smitten.

"The Team" are trials riders first and foremost, ......we love the sport, and compete on a regular basis.

We dont want trials to stagnate, we want it to grow.

Trial can embrace traditional, outdoor, indoor, freestyle, and urban trials riding, it crosses so many disciplines and boundaries.

We want to keep driving Trials riding in new directions, as well as supporting the traditional sport, and bring the enjoyment and passion to a new generation of riders.


The Hell Team's motto is MORE * BETTER * FASTER

The Hell Team

We stive to supply a fast efficient service, and as much help as we can. 

If you cant see it on the site, or need some technical help don't be afraid to ring for a chat.

We retail new trials bikes from Gas Gas, Jotagas, TRS, Vertigo and OSET Motorcycles.

The Hell Team also stock many and varied brands of Trials accessories, as well as all brands of 2nd hand bikes.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding Trial Motorcycles, or Trials in general. We are more than happy to help in any way we can.

Paul Arnott

Paul Arnott and The Team