Front Fork protectors fall into a number of types based on what front fork set is on the bike. 

Tech 39mm Forks. This is the diameter measurement of the upper fork stanchion. These are the most common fork on modern trials bikes, and standard fitment on GasGas, TRS, Vertigo, Sherco, Scorpa and Beta Factory models

Other front forks include Marzocchi 40mm (earlier GasGas models, Yamaha engined Scorpa, Jotagas and others)

38mm Paioli and Ceriani found on many Sherco and Beta Rev3 and EVO

and Showa used on Montesa

All Trick Bits protectors are ABS plactic in either white, or a "carbon fibre look" dark grey/black.

2M protectors are genuine Carbon Fibre.

Our neoprene upper fork protectors fit all 38, 39 and 40mm forks, and offer great scratch and gouge protection for the upper fork legs.

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