The Hell Team stock a large selection of Clutch and Brake levers for Trial motorcycles.

There is a lot said for both the advantages and disadvantages of "Long" or "Short" Lever Blades, so to make your choice a little simpler we have measured a few and noted the lengths.

The measurement is from the pivot point to the ball end.

All these lever fit AJP and Braktec Master Cylinders.

Beta Motorcycles with Gremica Master cylinders - The Pivot pin hole has a larger diameter. These AJP/Braktec levers can be used, but you must remove the black nylon bush to get them to work.

* We have Jitsie and S3 levers specifically designed for the Gremica M/c's.

* Not pictured is Formula levers (as found on 2012 era Gas Gas, Sherco and JTG bikes). These are a completely different attachment method and none of these levers can be used. See genuine FORMULA Levers on this page.





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