Front Fork Springs for Trials Bikes

We have a selection of front fork springs for Trials bikes (lots of the older stuff is not listed on this page, but can be searched by Part numbers)

Most Modern Trials bikes use TECH 39mmØ Trials Forks, with either Steel or Aluminium upper fork stanchions. These two types both use the same seals and bushes, but the fork springs differ between the two types.

You can always put a magnet on the upper fork leg, or a simpler way to identify what you have is RED fork caps are aluminium uppers, and GOLD fork caps are steel.

There is also heavier springs available for Paioli 38mmØ Forks as found on BETA Trials bikes, and also heavier springs for Marzocchi 40mmØ fork tubes. As well as sets of progressive springs for Twinshocks with 35mmØ stanchions.

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