Mecatecno Dragonfly Electric Trials Bike

The MECATECNO Dragonfly electric trial bike is designed to take this sport to another level.

The Dragonfly brings a new approach to Trials bike design, not trying to replicate the path troden by combustion engine bikes, it has freed the Team to create a beautiful light weight and agile electric trials bike that performs above expectations.

With a total weight of 60kg and a perfect balance (30kg in the front, and 30kg in the rear), it means the center of gravity of the DragonFly is located low and right in the center, making it much more maneuverable, easy to control, and far less fatigueing.

The bike allows you to configure different power maps to adapt to your riding style and the terrain you’re in. It can be changed simply, and at any time, by pressing a button on the handlebar. There is 4 MAPS to choose from (white, green, blue, red - soft to aggressive), and the current DragonFly versions have INERTIA and Anti-Roll Back to replicate the "feeling" of a combustion engine bikes characteristics.

The DragonFlys frame is made using CFA (Combined Frame Assembly) technology, combining different materials to provide rigidity where needed and flexibility where necessary.

Furthermore, Mecatecno employ techniques in the assembly of aluminum parts based on aerospace standards (Solderless assembly system) to provide rigidity but also the best rider feedback without compromising the overall weight and performance.


  Mecatecno have designed a bespoke engine for the Dragonfly, specifically prepared for competition, and taking into account its weight, to make the bike lighter, easier to handle and offer better range than it's competitors. 

The Mecatecno electric motor has been created from scratch. It is not an off-the shelf product. With less than 15cms diameter and less than 4 kgs of weight, it is capable of providing more than 15Hp at almost 10.000rpm.

It has full clutch control, using a 5 plate diagragm clutch like a TRS, GASGAS or Vertigo that can be tuned for specific rider needs.


Add premium componetry across the bike from S3 Hardrock aluminium footpegs, handlebars and bar pad, to Ohlins TTX22m.2 Mult adjustable rear damper and M4 Oil and Hyraulic front forks. M4 Parts has manufactured the lightest trial fork on the market with a weight of only 3,784 grams. It is a very high performance pneumatic fork developed by the Nani Racing team.

The M4 fork is built with high-density aeronautical aluminum and forged with the exclusive M4 Parts system, which gives it great resistance to lateral traction and the leverage moments to which trial forks are subjected in the most extreme conditions.

Another special feature of this fork is that it is equipped with a dust seal system integrated in a single cartridge, with a much higher protection capacity than what we are used to in conventional forks. This type of seal reduces maintenance and provides much smoother friction.

Galfer brake discs and Braktec brake master cylinders and calipers including the latest EVO4 front brake caliper, details that are only available on premium Combustion engine bikes like the GAS GAS GP , TRS RR or Vertigo DL Replica.

The Mecatecno has the same power output as it's closest rival in the Electric trials sector, but is 19% lighter! Allowing not just a better ride, but a much better range. 

Call for more details, and to order bikes. Next shipment due March//April 2024.

Check out our second hand bikes listing , our low hours 23 demo model is currently for sale. (updated to 24 spec)

POWER TRAIN IMA (independent Motor Assembly)   BATTERY CMBP (Centered Mass Battery Positioning)  
Motor Type Brushless Air Cooled Maximum Capacity 1.875Wh
Nominal / Max Voltage 48V / 58,8V Recharge Life Cycles 1000 Cycles
1.000 cycles.   Recharge Time 2.5 Hours
Nominal / Peak power 6 Kw / 11 Kw Battery Housing Aluminium 6060-T6, 7075-T6
Riding Maps 4 Maps (initiation, classic trial , modern trial, Expert) Charging 200 - 240v
Clutch Hydraulic multidisc system Battery Indicator Charge Percentage, Temperature, Switchable Display.
FRAME CFA (Combined Frame Assembly)   SUSPENSION  
Tubular frame ø18mm 25CrMo4 Front Forks M4 ø39mm Aluminium Spring Fork.
Central Cage Aluminium 7075-T6 Billet CNC Adjustment Spring Pre-load, Rebound and Compression
Skid Plate 5mm Aluminium 7075-T6 Wheel Travel 170 mm
Swing Arm Aluminium 7075-T6 Billet CNC Rear Shock Öhlins TTX22M-22 190*51
Handlebar S3 WorldTeam Replica Adjustment Spring Pre-load, Rebound, High+Low-speed compression
Footpegs S3 HardRock Wheel Travel 174 mm
Wheel Rim Type Morad Aluminium Rim Type Total Weight 60 Kgs
Front Tire Michelin X11 2,5*21″ Weight distribution 30 Kgs Front, 30 Kgs rear.
Rear Tire Michelin X11 4*18″ Ground Mass 19.9 Kgs
Front Brake 185mm Galfer Wave disc, 4 Piston Braktec 4 piston “EVO4” Caliper Suspended Mass 43.1 Kgs
Rear Brake 150mm Galfer FIM disc, 2 Piston Braktec 2 Piston Caliper Wheel Base 1320mm
    Seat Height 650 mm.
    Ground Clearance 320 mm.




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