Clutch Plates for Trial Bikes

Clutch plates on trials bikes facilitate power transfer from the engine to the transmission. A smooth-functioning clutch allows riders to switch gears effortlessly. Hard and jerky gear changes could be a sign it's time to replace your plates.

There are two types of clutch plates trials bikes need: the drive/friction plate and the driven/steel plate. The drive plate is indexed via tabs to a bike's clutch basket and features a friction-generating surface on both sides. The driven plate is usually made of smooth steel and sits between the pressure plate and the hub.
Both plates rotate together to send power from the bike's engine to the transmission. When you switch gears, the pressure plate stops the drive and driven plates from rotating, cutting the power to your back wheel. The smoother and better-quality clutch plates trial bikes have, the more effortlessly they'll be able to switch gears and execute abrupt stops on the trials course.

Our collection of clutch plates for trials bikes features durable, high-performance materials like machined steel and Kevlar that offer a smoother shifting experience and better endurance than standard discs. Whether you need a simple replacement to get you through training sessions or a race-ready kit to maximize your bike's agility and speed, you'll find the components you're looking for here.

We carry brands from top manufacturers of components for trials bikes, including GasGas, XiU, Scorpa, TRS, Jitsie, S3, Beta, and Yamaha. Most of our products mount seamlessly into compatible bikes with no need for extra hardware or modification. Just slot your new plates into your bike's hub and basket and get riding.

Once you switch out your stock drive plate with Kevlar, you'll instantly feel the difference a higher coefficient of friction makes in your bike's response and launching power. You'll never go back to factory parts when you make the switch to these high-output components.


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