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We are Australia's Gas Gas Trials Bike Specialists.

We have been the sole GASGAS Trial importer since 2008.

 2020 saw the ownership of the GASGAS brand purchased by the PIERER Mobility Group ( KTM ), but we are still the number one source for Gas Gas Trials Parts Australia wide.

We carry a massive array of spares for Gas Gas Trials bikes, from the first models imported into Australia in 1991, right through to modern day machines.

Please check out our TECH SUPPORT area for lots of manuals, how too's and other information about the bikes.

2024 GASGAS TXT model range pricing. (this is "Ride Away" price, nothing more to pay).

TXT RACING 125 2024  $13,070

TXT RACING 250 2024  $13,435

TXT RACING 300 2024  $13,635

TXT GP 250 2024  $14,655

TXT GP 300 2024  $14,870

KTM/GASGAS Have announced Rebate $$'s off remaining 2023 models - $2750 off advertised retail price.

TXT RACING 125 2023 - RRP: $12,919 now $10,169 Ride Away

TXT RACING 250 2023 - RRP: $13,219 now $10,469 Ride Away

TXT RACING 300 2023 - RRP: $13,419 now $10,669 Ride Away

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2023 GASGAS RACING 250cc
21% OFF RRP $13,219.00

2023 GASGAS RACING 250cc

Perhaps the most iconic trial bike in the GASGAS line-up, the TXT RACING 250 is well known for its perfect mix of usable 2-stroke power and nimble handling. Revving up to 10,500 rpm, the 250cc 2-stroke is easy-to-use, incredibly versatile, and leads the w...

2023 GASGAS RACING 300cc
20% OFF RRP $13,419.00

2023 GASGAS RACING 300cc

Our headlining trial bike has the best of everything! Class leading power, top-level handling, and a serious amount of torque! Put simply, our TXT RACING 300 is a trial workhorse! With a plentiful supply of strong, clean, and tractable power on tap,...