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Here's a collection of our Blogs from the last few years. Video, films, tech tips, comments..........

We are workin our way through all the links (tranferred from our old site), so give us time to embed all the older links and add the appropriate photos. 


Oriol Noguera rides the Mecatecno DragonFly

Saturday, 20 May, 2023

A short clip of Oriol Noguera abord the new Mecatcno dragonFly at the 3 Day of Santigosa, Spain. We are getting excited as bikes arrive in Australia this month and should be availble by early to mid J...

Reiger Trial Dampers

Friday, 27 Jan, 2023

Reiger make the premier rear shock absorbers for Modern Trials motorcycles. let's have a closer look as Paul from The Hell Team Trials Workshop takes a closer look. ...

Marzocchi 40mm Aluminium Fork service

Tuesday, 29 Nov, 2022

Paul looks at the Marzocchi 40mm Aluminium forks. This is part 1 of a series on servicing these forks that are found on OSSA, Scorpa, Jotagas and Gas Gas Trials bikes from the 2007 to 2015 era. ...

Aluminium Fork Leg Scratch Fix

Sunday, 27 Nov, 2022

Just a quick workshop tip for repairing scratches in Trials Aluminium fork upper stanchions. Particularly TECH 39mm and Marzocchi 40mm forks. It's a Luthier's Superglue with these awesome applicators ...

2023 TRRS RR release video.

Thursday, 27 Oct, 2022

A short video from TRS highlighting the new 2023 Raga Race Replica. Bikes are being built in November 2023 and new stock should be in Australia by early January ready for the New Year. ...

Trials "How To" Videos with Dougie Lampkin

Saturday, 8 Oct, 2022

Let’s be honest – trials tutorials can sometimes be boring, so avoiding that normal kind of format when this series was made was top of the list of requirements. With twelve World titles and thirte...

Mecatecno DragonFly - first ride.

Saturday, 17 Sep, 2022

Danyy Butler from Trial Tube gets a spin on the pre-production Mecatecno DragonFly Electric Trials Bike and gives us his impressions. Also a quick interview with Jordi Mila - owner and cheif designer ...

Setting Reiger Trial Shock Absorber

Friday, 29 Jul, 2022

a video tutorial from Arenitas Trial in Spain on how to adjust and regulate your rear shock absorber to get the most out of it. The video is made with a Reiger but the concepts are suitable for any tr...

2023 GASGAS - into a new future!

Tuesday, 12 Jul, 2022

A slick production video from the new GASGAS showcasing the brand new 2023 GASGAS Factory, heads the release of their 2023 Trial models to the world. The new generation of GASGAS trial bik...

Mecatecno Dragonfly Electric Trials Bike

Wednesday, 29 Jun, 2022

First pictures of the new Mecatecno Dragonfly, the full size electric trial bike that may revolutionize the segment. Mecatecno have had the Dragonfly electric trials bike under development for a fe...


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