On the back of a very successful Training Tour across Australia Jordi Pasquet and The Hell Team have released an English version of his brand new Training Video.

Jordi takes us through ten master classes in Trials with expert opinion from Multiple World Champions Jordi Tarres and Adam Raga.

The DVD was professionally produced by Gondola Films in Europe and is enhanced by superb photography and professional production values.

The Film has English voice over and is not just sub-titles as found on some European productions.

As anyone who attended one of the very successful Jordi Pasquet Training Camps would testify he has a relaxed easy going manner, but imparts his wealth of experience in a fanatastic easy to understand way, that really sees improvement in riding skills.

DVD's available right now for immediate delivery.


Gondola Films say: Ten lessons given by the champion Jordi Pascuet about how to learn Trials, and how to improve techniques from the start. We tell you step by step how to overcome the difficulties of this sport, as well as the basis for its practice and training.


3 hours of essential contents about TRIALS: riding techniques, mechanics, fine tuning, trials specific fitness training, kids Trials, trailers, promotional videos, experts opinions, equipment, etc... A basic tool for any fan who wants to learn or to improve in all aspects of this sport.

DVDLearning Trial
dvd aprendizaje trial 3


dvd aprendizaje trial 4 Nothing could be better than to have a DVD which shows step by step the main Trials techniques.

At Gondola Films we have created this guide of useful learning for trials riders. 10 lessons given just on the motorbike.


We have also paid attention to indispensable elements for practice; adjustments on the motorbike and its maintenance, specific fitness training for trials, the trailer for the transportation, kids trials and some extras that will help you to understand the whole universe of Trials.

dvd aprendizaje trial 16
dvd aprendizaje trial 7

dvd aprendizaje trial 5This complete DVD includes several chapters:

1 - Lessons. The champion Jordi Pascuet shows 10 practical lessons given right on the motorbike. He tells the correct way of realizing different exercises, taking into account usual mistakes in order to help us to overcome obstacles accurately.

Due to his experience as professional rider, and nowadays as Trial instructor, Jordi Pascuet understands the dynamics for learning trials at any level, from the groundwork to the highest competition levels.

The lessons are divided into the following chapters: 1. The body position on the motorbike. 2. Balance. 3. Wheel Displacements. 4. Turns. 5. To raise the wheel. 6. Hillsides. 7. Pivots. 8. Steps. 9. Rivers. 10. Slopes.

dvd aprendizaje trial 82- Basic concepts.

1. The DNA of Trials, How old shall we start riding? Here we can see some concepts about the age to start riding, motorbikes adapted to every option and some advice on learning.

2. Equipment. Small recommendations on the principal factors that might influence when choosing suitable clothes, boots, helmets or gloves.

3. Mechanics and maintenance. This chapter is divided into 4 sections: - Principal adjustments, - Maintenance of the motorbike, - Repairs of breakdowns, - First Aid Rucksack. Every episode tells basic actions we have to do with the motorbike for the adaptation to the weight and measures of every rider.

dvd aprendizaje trial 9
dvd aprendizaje trial 10

dvd aprendizaje trial 174. The trailer. Often, the motorbike must be transported from our garage to the practice area. Here you have some advice on how to choose the right trailer.

5. Fitness Training. Paying attention to our physical form is basic to avoid injuries and accidents. We have asked for advice to one of the best physical therapists and trainers nowadays, Jaume Palau, trainer of riders as Adam Raga, Marc Coma, Alex Crivill�, Albert Llovera, etc...

His advices with regard to the physical preparation for trials are pure gold. Take good note.

3- Extras. This section contains the following chapters:

dvd aprendizaje trial 18
dvd aprendizaje trial 14

dvd aprendizaje trial 121. Trailers and promotional v_deos. We will be able to see some of the promotional videos made exclusively for our sponsors, and footage of the school PASCUET OFF-ROAD CENTER - headquarters of our champion and tutor in this DVD, Jordi Pascuet. A promo video of SPEA and its relationship with trials.

2. Expert opinions. Jordi Tarr�s and Adam Raga give their opinions and advices to TRIALS fans. They tell us how they started little by little.

dvd aprendizaje trial 13
dvd aprendizaje trial 19

dvd aprendizaje trial 23

We have to thank Jordi Pascuet for allowing us the filming at his country state, PASCUET OFF ROAD CENTER at Seo d'Urgell, in Lerida.

We have also filmed in other locations as the Alps, in Torino (Italy), Nerva, Seville, Barcelona, Rellinars, Vic, Rota and Castell_n (Spain).



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