Changes in Spark plugs have been caused by demands for longer life and also improved ignitability in today's lean burning trials engines.

Heat range selection is vital to ensure optimum performance of spark plugs.

A spark plug's optimum operating temperature is between 450 degrees C and 870 degrees C. Spark plug tip temperatures outside this range can occur when an incorrect heat rating is selected. eg

When the heat rating is too high:

The spark plug temperature remains too low and causes deposits to build up on the firing end; the deposits offer an electrical leakage path that gives rise to loss of sparks.

When the heat rating is too low:

The spark plug temperature rises too high and induces abnormal combustion (pre-ignition): this leads to melting of the spark plug electrodes as well as piston seizure and erosion.

NGK Spark Plugs pioneered the use of a copper cored electrode in 1958, which enables a spark plug to heat up quickly and also dissipate heat quickly giving an ultra wide heat range. It is essential to use a spark plug that fits a specific engine and its conditions of use.

As spark plugs are positioned in the head of an engine, their analysis can give a good indication of how your engine is operating.

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