New Bikes from TRS Motorcycles Spain

TRS take the lead in World Trial

Winner of the Trial World Championship in Trial 2, with the British rider Toby Martyn and World Runner-up in Trial GP with Adam Raga for the sixth time in a row, the TRRS RR has established itself as the most competitive motorcycle of the moment.

The TRS brand embodies high performance, using high-tech materials, maximum quality in its manufacturing processes, and exclusivity in its  superb details, to provide a 100% premium trials bike that caters for all levels of rider.

The new 2022 RR models in White & Red, define a racing character, with personality and elegancy, that will not go unnoticed.

The RR is synonymous with trials success around the world and is suitable for the most demanding riders who appreciate high performance, exclusivity, reliability and ease of maintenance.

TRS Motorcycles: FIM Trial Manufacturers World Champions 2021.

The Hell Team are exclusive Australian Importers of TRS Motorcycles Spain, and proudly distributed via our interstate partners.

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