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TRS establishes their strong position in Australia

Since the brands inception in 2016 TRS has gone from strength to strength both globally and in Australia.

Many riders, previously loyal to other brands, have ridden the creations from Jordi Tarres and the TRS Team and joined the Team, finding that TRS have designed a perfect trial bike that is beautifully poised, creates good usable power, and is easy to work on and maintain. They have provided the customers with not only a superb motorcycle, but unrivalled support and back up in all technical areas, and global parts supply.

The TRS range has a bike suitable for almost all riders. The Hell Team are sole Australian importers of TRS bikes, parts and merchandise. And our enthusiastic state dealers offer professional support and commitment to all TRS customers.

TRS is the creation of multi World Champion Jordi Tarres, and the motorcycle has proven itself internationally and in Australia to be a top class performance trial bike, backed with reliability and exceptional customer service and support.

There are a number of Models within the TRS ONE Trials range available in Australia:

TRS ONE X-Track: A Trials bike with additional large fuel tank and seat for far reaching capabilities. Also comes with competition tank as standard.

TRS ONE R: New for 2020 - A performance Trial machine with premium components, Reiger shock, Aluminium TECH forks, Keihin Carb, built for the discerning rider .

TRS ONE RR: Raga Race Replica competition Trials model (2020 bikes available February 2020)

TRS ONE X-Track RR: A  Race Replica Trials bike with additional large fuel tank, seat  and electric start for far reaching capabilities.

TRS ONE GOLD: A very limited edition bike, produced in extremely limited numbers (order only) Usually June each year.

TRS has exceeded the new standards in terms of technology and style, proving to have a performance unbelievable, extraordinary style and exceptional behavior. 

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