TRRS On-E Kids 2020

After several years in the Trial market with widely accepted combustion models, TRS Motorcycles presents its first electric motorcycle designed and focused on younger riders.

The Firm has invested heavily, in order to achieve a product of great performance and high quality in all its components, and the results are obvious!

This new jewel of TRS Motorcycles will be marketed in the 20 ”version for riders between 6 and 10 years of age, and in 16” for the smallest ones.


Main characteristics of the On- Kids

Aluminum Monocoque Chassis:

At first glance, an innovative integration of all electrical components in the cycle part can be seen.

Battery Lithium Ion 48V. 17.5A integrated in the chassis allows to optimize the distribution of weights, guarantees its tightness and provides total protection.

Autonomy of up to 3 hours for beginner pilots.

4A Battery Charger - Provides a quick charge in under 3 hours.

48V electric motor. 1.350W:   Located in the lowest and most central part of the frame, to obtain a better center of gravity.

3,000 RPM with a torque of 32Nm.

Swingarm, cast aluminum. 

Control unit, 100A Controller: located inside the self-supporting subframe, to achieve the least visual impact and obtain an optimum level of tightness.

Programmable from the Android APP, with different modes of power delivery to adapt the motorcycle to each rider depending on their driving level.

4 piloting modes programmed as standard: 

Mode 1: docile and safe for the youngest and inexperienced.

Mode 2: optimal for initiation to Trial.

Mode 3:  the most effective and efficient.

Mode 4: aggressive and powerful to face the biggest obstacles. 


Rear suspension with progressive linkage system with 115mm of travel and hydraulic DNM shock absorber, adjustable in extension and spring preload. 250lbs dock.

Front suspension RST 26 "tapered" 100mm aluminum air travel adjustable in extension and locking.


20 ”front rim with TRRS machined hub and Trial REBEL tire.

19 ”rear rim with TRRS machined hub and Trial REBEL tire.

Brake System: Shimano MT400 AND 160mm brake discs.

Rear crown : Z98 machined and IRIS 219 chain.

Stirrups: TRRS GRIP.

Grips: Hebo with ODI plugs.

Headset: NECCO 1.5 / 1 1/8 ".

Handlebar: TRRS KIDS.

Man over board system:  LEONELLI.

Protectors: front, rear disc and rear crown.

Will be available mid 2020 in Australia