Air filters can only stop so much!

Author: Paul Arnott  Date Posted:20 June 2013 





Here’s a salient tale about keep on eye on bike upkeep and regular servicing.

This bike was missing a small rubber mudflap that stops crap getting thrown from the rear wheel up and into the airbox / filter.

When it was pulled down the filter had done it’s job – it had a wad of mud that was half the filter deep compacted into the bottom of the filter. But because of the huge amount of rubbish that had been thrown at it the engine just continued to suck in only the finest talc like particles that it could draw through the filter.

The rider only noticed a problem when the throttle was sticking open. (that was because of the paste binding the slide in the carby bore). He continued to ride it by hitting the kill button and dropping the revs, then letting it come back up so he could complete the competition lap!

I pulled it down and could not believe the bike was still running! The poor little Sherco motor was pull of muddy paste everywhere, except the combustion chamber where the heat generated had turned it into pottery!

I have already spent the best part of a day just removing the debris and haven’t even started on replacing parts yet.

CHECK YOUR BIKE OFTEN. Clean your air filters, and LOOK, LOOK, LOOK. if it’s not running well it’s usually for a good reason.