Rollin with The Nolans 2 - Old Fremantle Power Station

Author: Paul Arnott  Date Posted:21 January 2015 

The Boys have got some great moves in this sweet clip shot in the Old Fremantle Power Station. Lewis and Alex Nolan ride like ONE, and the backflip sequence is brilliant. Really nice job boys, and props to the cinematographer - some killer sequences.

The old South Fremantle power station was opened in 1951 and operated for 34 years before closing in 1985. It's an eerie place with plenty of dodgy stories of murders, suicides, and axe-wielding junkie psychopaths.

Fear Factory even shot their Cyberwaste music video there on the sly in 2004.

The building is due be redeveloped soon so the Nolan bros though it was a good time to see the old icon off in style. Freestyle that is..... Well worth the watch.