Gas Gas TXTe EGD

Author: Paul Arnott  Date Posted:9 September 2017 


Press Release Gas Gas: Gas Gas TXTe EGD: Winner of the First Edition of the TrialE Cup Sometimes a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Let’s take a closer look at the new Gas Gas TXTe EGD piloted by Marc Colomer on his way to victory in the first edition of the TrialE Cup world championships. An innovative and surprising concept bike born out of the collaboration between Torrot and Gas Gas, the TXTe EGD opens the doors on the future of electric competition bikes. The innovative motorbike design is the result of a synergistic partnership between Torrot and Gas Gas, taking shape as a fantastic electric trials bike. The new model looks firmly to the future with a more than likely mass production. Such commercialisation is motivated by the great expectations generated after the bike’s victory in Lourdes, where it became the first victor of an electric trials race in world championships history. Screen-Shot-2017-08-16-at-18.52.25-768x454.png

A SYNERGISTIC PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN TORROT AND GAS GAS The new TXTe EGD (Electric Gear Drive) has become the poster child of the joint efforts between Torrot and Gas Gas. The new model is an astonishing and competitive trial prototype that perfectly combines the concepts of freedom and electric mobility evocative of Torrot, with the competitive spirit of Gas Gas. The teamwork between both companies—working under the same corporate umbrella since the start of 2016—has borne the market’s most advanced electric trials bike. The bike inherits the resilient qualities of the Gas Gas TXT range—a benchmark in the speciality—with Torrot’s latest electric technology. The result is clear: a bike without equal in its segment. THE MOST INNOVATIVE TRIALS BIKE The Gas Gas TXTe EGD is a trials bike that, under the skin, hides an efficient electric motor cooled by water, and powered by the latest generation batteries. It’s an efficient engine, which is paired with a new six speed transmission and clutch that puts this Gas Gas TXTe EGD model in a class of its own. Additionally, one of the Catalan company’s best-kept secrets is its controller. The controller is truly the brains of the operation, whose information allows for a level of parameter control previously incomprehensible with petrol combustion engines, despite the recent introduction of new electronic-injection motors. The result is a bike that’s agile, light and easy to drive, making the Gas Gas TXTe EGD a top competitor in the trials segment. Little was left to doubt, as seen in the last Trial GP competition held at the end of June in Lourdes, France. Screen-Shot-2017-08-16-at-18.52.38-768x513.png

WORLD CHAMPION, MARC COLOMER, LEAVES HIS MARK The re-working of already established principles by Gas Gas and Torrot has blazed new trail in the world of trails racing. The Gas Gas TXTe EGD’s development was guided by the attentive eye, talent and experience of Marc Colomer, one of the key figures in development this new electric trials bike. The Catalan athlete’s mark and influence are more than evident in this project. That same commitment saw the multiple-time world champion roll up to the start line once again after 14 years away from competition, debuting the new TXTe EGD at the world level. THE FIRST STEP IN POSSIBLE MASS PRODUCTION The Gas Gas TXTe EGD had evident success in its debut at the first Edition of the TrialE Cup, taking victory for the first time in the history of the electric bike category at the highest level of international competition. Perhaps even more impressive, the TXTe EGD took better results than its petrol-powered Trial125 rivals. Following such fruitful efforts, the bike is entering a new phase of development, which will determine its possible mass production and subsequent sale to the public in the near future.