Making a restriction for the Domino Throttle

Author: Paul Arnott  Date Posted:5 February 2019 


This is a big help to novice riders.

It's a tip that allows a reduction in throttle movement of our trials bikes with the standard Domino throttle (either fast or slow tubes).

This is to limit the stroke of the throttle cable at the throttle tube, by inserting a piece of PVC flange. 

You can do this by cutting a "washer" from the female part of a 32 diameter PVC fitting (see photo). These are easily obtainable at most hardware store or plumbers supply centres.

The piece must have a width of 7mm to enter the throttle housing. Then, cut out a section of the circle to keep only an arc of between 180 to 250 degrees. 

It is the length of this arc that determines the stroke of the cable, and ultimately the revs of the bike. 

Then simply place this piece on the throttle tube (see picture) , at the winding of the cable, to create a new stop.

You can prepared several stops with different lengths to adapt to the level of the riders. 

It's a super easy fix, and really works a treat.