Mecatecno Dragonfly - Lightness concept.

Date Posted:2 December 2022 

Mecatecno Dragonfly - Lightness concept. The 4 main features about it and how it feels.

Jordi Mila CEO at Mecatecno talks us through his concepts of the soon to be released Mecatecno DragonFly Electric Trials bike.

"Lightness; we are obsessed about it. Speaking in general, lightness has a direct effect about how the riding feels and how the bike performs. The Mecatecno Dragonfly has an overall mass of 60 kg, an average competitive bike is 25% heavier and that makes a remarkable difference. But light weight it's much more than just a number and on this video we introduce the four main features that makes this bike feel so nimble and precise when you ride it. Don't miss it."


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