The Trial Guides - Bike-Set-Up Episode 1: Controls

Date Posted:5 August 2021 

Setting up the controls on a trial bike is different for every rider because of varying abilities and heights. What's important to know is how to fine tune them as you improve your skills in order to get the very best from your machine. Cabes shows you how.

NOTE: I personally believe the adjustment shown in the above video are correct, but given in the wrong order. When adjusting the clutch or brake pump please adjust the position on the bars as Cabes said, but then adjust the outside adjuster (lever position in relationship to bars) BEFORE adjusting the inside freeplay adjuster.

Technically if you follow Alberts video set up sequence the inside adjustment (his Step 2) changes after doing Step 3. - one affects the other.

Please do them in this order:

Step 1: Adjust Master cylinder position on bars by adjusting the mounting perch.

Step 2: Adjust the lever position adjuster found right at the front of the master cylinder.

Step 3: And only then adjust the Freeplay adjuster (or as Cabes calls it the "tension adjuster") on the inside of the lever.

NOTE: You must ALWAYS have some freeplay on this adjustment. DO NOT wind it in so it places force on the Master Cylinder piston when in it's relaxed position. If there is a little freeplay, then the transfer port is open between the piston bore and the reservoir, and fluid can equalise in the system. As soon as any pressure is applied to the piston this port is closed.

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